Teaching / Helping (Romania)

Ed & Karen Rosella have been involved in Romania since the 1990's. Ed first went to Romania in the summer of 1992, 2-1/2 years after the revolution. Karen has been helping in Romania since they were married in 1997. Ed lived several years in Bucharest. He traveled throughout Romania, speaking in churches, and holding evangelistic meetings. Since they were married, Ed and Karen have worked mostly with the Good Samaritan Church and the Sanctuary Orphanage in the Transylvania region.

Ed & Karen go to Romania several months each year, and take their three adopted Romanian children with them. Ed usually teaches verse-by-verse through different books of the Bible in all three of the Good Samaritan Churches. The goal of these teachings is to strengthen the Romanian Christians in the knowledge of God's word and to build up the local churches. Ed is also one of the teachers at our annual 'Hands of Mercy' conferences in Romania.

Karen is mostly involved with the Sanctuary Orphanage. She helps out where she can in order to relieve the Sanctuary staff. Karen has built good relationships with many of the children. Karen's skills as a nurse also come in handy as she helps with the children.

Each year Ed & Karen host our 'Outings for Orphans' summer event where they take all of the children from the Sanctuary Orphanage on special outings to pools, parks, castles, etc.