'Hands of Mercy' Conferences

We believe God desires, in our day, to restore mercy ministries within local churches. We have relied too much on the government and para-church organizations to care for the poor in our communities. We believe it is now time for local churches to rise up and become relevant for the needs of the most vulnerable and destitute among us. Most of these people will not just walk into a church building; we need to go to them with creative and innovative ways to bring the love of Jesus.

Eleos International Ministries has many years of experience working with the homeless, orphans (foster children), the drug and alcohol addicted, those in hospitals and prisons, people with mental health problems, etc.

We are now holding ‘Hands of Mercy' conferences within churches in the U.S., Romania, South Africa, Denmark, and in other countries. The aim of these meetings is to help inspire, enable, and equip local churches with practical ways on how to reach out and care for needy persons in their communities. Through our meetings, it is our desire to see God instill commitment, passion, sacrifice and vision in the hearts of His people, so they would acquire His heart for the hurting, and pour out their lives for others.

The untapped potential that lies within local churches is enormous! We believe there are many unexplored mercy ministries waiting to be established. By restoring mercy ministries within local churches, we will see hurting people come to know Jesus, and we will see the local church recapture its voice as the defender of all those who are most vulnerable and destitute.

We are seeing people come to life at our meetings! They are realizing that they don’t have to be ‘experts’ for God to use them in mercy ministries. We are seeing local churches rise up to fulfill their call as the defender of widows, the father of the fatherless, and as a voice for all who are destitute and vulnerable. We believe God desires to bring a revival through local churches — a revival of compassion, mercy, sacrifice, and pouring out our lives for others. This revival will change the world!