College for Orphans (Romania)

We have noticed, when most people think about orphans they usually think about a baby or a young child. In many cases, orphan children are much older than how we picture them. When they grow up they become orphan adults and we tend not to think much about them anymore.

The future for orphan children in Romania is very bleak. Without a family to support them there are not many possibilities of obtaining a good career. Many orphan adults end up working in the fields or in another low paying job.

Unfortunately, some orphan adults turn to a life of begging on the streets or to a life of crime. Some end up in jail or become substance abusers. Some of the girls get pregnant at a young age. We have seen them put their own children in orphanages like they were put in when they were young...the cycle continues! Our 'College for Orphans' fund is designed to break that cycle!

Romania has a very good educational system; anyone may attend college if they have good grades. Our 'College for Orphans' fund is providing orphan and disadvantaged children the chance to obtain a higher education.

Many people are not expecting that an orphan child will do much with his or her life. We believe God has called us to show His love in the most practical of ways. We believe enabling orphan children to go to college is one way to help them explore all the possibilities of what God created them to do. It is wonderful to see these lives, that were once thrown away, restored by the love of God. We look forward to seeing what they will do with their lives with an advanced education.