"Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me."  (Psalm 27:10)

Helping Children (Guatemala)

By Karen Rosella

I have known Alba, Lucy, and Estuardo for ten years; they have no father and a few years ago their mother abandoned them. They are now living with their 85-year old grandmother who was doing her best to care for them, but she could only afford to provide a few corn tortillas a day. Each time I visited, their situation got worse. The children started developing health problems due to poor nutrition. They also didnít have the money to stay in school. Public schools in Guatemala require uniforms, class fees, and families must pay for their own books and supplies. Alba quit school in the third grade; Lucy and Estuardo also considered quitting because they didnít have the money or hope to continue.

Our desire is for these children to hope, dream and believe that Jesus has a plan and a future for their lives. We are now working with a local Guatemalan pastor and 'Youth With a Mission' (YWAM) to provide for their nutritional needs. For $40 a month this family now receives rice, beans, eggs, milk, vegetables, nutritional supplements and other basic items. We are also helping Alba, Lucy, Estuardo stay in school. We are providing an additional $75 a month for both children, which covers their uniforms, books, supplies, and fees.

The children are encouraged and more hopeful about their future. They are now a part of a local church and a YWAM discipleship program for students. Estuardo, who was once so angry, now has joy in his heart because he knows that someone cares about him! Thank you for your gifts which have helped to give these three children a hope and a future. We trust that God will use their lives for His special purpose.í

[Karen also spends several weeks out of each year serving with YWAM as a nurse. They hold medical / dental clinics in the Guatemalan mountain villages where there aren't any doctors, nurses, or medicine. Their services are much appreciated by the local Indian communities.]

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