Love Opened His Heart (Romania)

by Attila Pal, Director, Sanctuary Orphanage

Alin was born to a very poor family in Transylvania, Romania. They lived in a one-room, filthy house that had two beds, a table, and a stove for heat and food. Nobody worked in the family. Alinís father beat his mother. He was not loved by his parents; he was repeatedly beaten and eventually removed from the home. Alin is now safe and loved at the Sanctuary Orphanage. His parents have not visited him. His mother now lives with another man and they have a baby together.

When Alin first came to the orphanage he was very shy, scared, and spoke very little. The workers and children surrounded him with love and prayer. He now feels safe enough to share with us about what happened in his home. He does not want to see his parents who abused him in such an ugly way. We are very careful how we speak with him about this sensitive situation.

Alin now lives in a room with four boys; he goes to kindergarten where he is very happy. He attends church and a children's program where he learns many verses about the love of God. Alin is happy and full of energy, eats anything, and enjoys toys. We pray that God will heal his heart from the trauma he suffered at home and that God will give him a new family.